Pizza Perfect Pizza dedicates the song to our perfect customers!




Down in Spartanburg town where the sun beats down
A place where folks gather round ain’t got no frown
Pizza Perfect Pizza where the dough rise high
Every bite got soul make ya wanna fly
[Verse 2]
Flour on the counter sauce in the air
Sausage pepperoni people everywhere
Guitar strummin blues in the southern breeze
In that pizzeria I’m beggin on my knees
Can’t you see can’t you see
What that pizza’s doin to me
Heart and soul in every slice
Pizza Perfect got me twice
[Verse 3]
Tables filled with laughter glasses raised high
Families friends together under Carolina sky
Pepper hits the tongue oh mama don’t you cry
Pizza perfect in my veins swear I could die
Ovens burnin hot dough stretchin far
Just another night underneath the stars
Southern rock and pizza heaven on a plate
In Spartanburg we know the taste
[Verse 4]
Every bite’s a story every flavor’s gold
Mozzarella dreams the stories we’ve told
When the night falls softly fireflies in sight
At Pizza Perfect Pizza everything’s just right
PIZZA PERFECT PIZZA (Pickup or Delivery)
5545 SC-9, Inman, SC 29349
Now delivering to zip codes 29349, 29316 and parts of 29303 & 29323, Gramling & Campobello
We are located halfway between the Boiling Springs Walmart & Lake Bowen on Highway 9

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